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Corner of a Roof Gutter


Rain can cause serious damage. Therefore, it is essential to have the proper gutter system on your home and business. Rainwater that cascades from the roof continually will cause erosion of lawns and gardens, the flooding of basements, soaking and debilitating foundations, as well as causing structural damages. Structural damages will weaken the durability of the property and decrease its value. For commercial properties, this could compromise a major investment. 

Graylow Contracting is here to help our home and business owners in making the best educated decisions for their needs. Offering high-quality products and services to give the best protection and care to your home and business. 

Installing rain gutters will provide all the protection your home and business will need against water damages. Having a properly installed and functioning rain gutter system can prevent the expensive bills from repairs needed if you experience:

· Foundation damage from water seeping from gutters

· Leaky gutters that cause water to pool into your siding, eroding the exterior walls.

· Downspouts that get clogged produce an overflow of water in your gutters, in turn causing mold growth in the walls and roof.

· Water being delivered to the wrong spots from the downspouts will cause flooding of your yard and gardens areas. 


Graylow Contracting is here to assist in maintaining the gutter system your home already has or upgrading to a better one. Our goal is to provide all the relevant information needed to make the best choice for your home and business, according to the requirements of your property and budget.

Copper Gutters


Copper is one of the most durable materials for guttering. Rust resistance, low maintenance, elegant finish, and a lifespan of over 20 years are all characteristics that have made copper rain gutters very popular among homeowners. 


Copper rain gutters don't need to be painted and they add a beautiful appearance to traditional façades as well as low maintenance and a long-lasting lifespan. 

Galvanized Steel


Galvanized steel is a high-end metal, typically dipped in zinc to add an extra layer of protection against water damages, becoming corrosion resistant.


Galvanized steel has been used for over 50 years in the industry, proving it's durability and availability. These gutters are offered in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes allowing for maximum customization. 


With a lifespan of 20 years or more, these are an excellent choice for a guttering system. This material is strong and does not dent easily. 

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel gutters are known for being extremely durable and sturdy. They do not rust and maintain their shine for many years. Stainless steel gutters do not expand or contract due to temperature fluctuations, they can be pained, require low maintenance, and can last for 20 years or more. 

Rain Chain


Rain chains are a decorative, functional alternative to downspouts. They move rainwater nicely from the gutters, adding an attractive water feature to your home. 

· Customizable and decorative

· Easy to install

· Affordable

· Less likely to clog

· Relaxing sound

· Age nicely

Marble Background.png

Commercial and Industrial Gutter Services


Many business owners are becoming more aware of the importance to having a well-equipped gutter system. Graylow Contracting is here to assist in finding a cost-effective solution to keep your properties protected. Aside from protecting your investment, rain gutters can add to the aesthetic exterior of your building.

Hiring a professional contractor will alleviate the stress of taking on the project yourself. Graylow Contracting will give all the relevant information needed to make an educated decision for your specific needs and will then take care of the entire job from start to finish. ​

Installing rain gutters for you business can boost your property's value, lower your maintenance costs due to rain and water, improve the exterior appearance, as well as maintaining a dry area around your building making it safer and more accessible.

Gutter Capacity

Large properties with large roofs tend to be exposed to more rain, therefore exposing the need for larger gutters. In order to divert large quantities of water away from your commercial property, Graylow Contracting would choose a 6-inch gutter system. Capacity is not limited only to inches. K-shaped or box gutters are the top choice for commercial properties, seeing as they hold more than the typical round-shaped gutters.

Building Code Requirements

Most states and municipalities require buildings to adhere to a specific set of rules of construction and planning, tending to be more stringent for commercial properties. These rules can apply to rain gutter installations affecting the capacity, type of material, and the design, as well as where downspouts should discharge water. It is important to check all the regulations, and being a licensed contractor, Graylow Contracting is here to advise you on getting the best out of your gutter installation.

Gutter Materials

Large commercial properties require different gutters than smaller residential properties. Sturdiness tends to be one of the main differences.

As professional contractors, Graylow Contracting knows that the best options for commercial rain gutters are aluminum, galvanized and stainless-steel varieties. Each of these options do not rust, and steel gutters are quite resistant to denting. Their enhanced durability is also a major selling point considering they only need to be replaced every 30 plus years, which is extremely alluring for commercial property owners.

Hurricane Shutters


If you live in an area impacted by tropical storms, such as hurricanes, Graylow Contracting is here to offer extra protection for your home. Hurricane shutters are the ideal protection for your home and other structures from high winds caused by large storms and hurricanes.

Plywood-Shutters (1).jpg

Plywood Shutters are the most basic option. Temporary, DIY, and inexpensive. While functional, they do block light from entering through your windows.


Roll Shutters are mad from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, plastic and aluminum, These shutters can be operated manually or motorized, adding convenience for the homeowner- unless there is a blackout- therefore leaving them useless.


Colonial Shutters are only recommended for areas with an 8 foot width or less. They can be made out of metal or fiberglass. They are decorative and can be installed to each side of the window or door, being either solid or louvered.


Accordion Shutters are easy to operate and cover a large area. These shutters are permanent, so adding them to your home will impact its appearance. They are typically made of aluminum blades that interlock. They can be held back by clips or straps when not bing used. However, when they are being used they block all natural sunlight unless made with clear blades.


Storm Panels are temporary and put in place when a storm is on the horizon. They can be flat or corrugated. Corrugated ones are typically made from galvanized steel, plastic, or aluminum while flat ones are made from polycarbonate sheets, making them less expensive.


Bahama Shutters are decorative and protect your house. They are only meant for window openings. They attach above the window and prop open to provide shade for the window. When lowered and secured to the wall of your home, these shutters are storm-ready. Bahama shutters are easier to operate than plywood shutters, but not as convenient as roll shutters.

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