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Roofing Services 

A well installed roof is the best barrier for your home during harsh storms. The next time you need an experienced roofer in your area, you can count on the professionals at Graylow Contracting. We pride ourselves on quality products, installation, and craftsmanship at budget-friendly prices. 

We offer a wide variety of roofing services throughout Southern Illinois and Missouri. From replacements to repairs, and maintenance work, we have the years of experience and the materials to tackle any project. Our team of experts will provide you a free estimate and consultation to determine the scope of work and type of material to fit the aesthetics of your home. 

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How to tell if you may need a new roof

A quality roof is essential for a comfortable home. A roof that is in need of repair or replacement can lead to larger issues within the home. Here are a few tips on how to check on your roof:

  1. Check your Shingles- especially after a heavy storm check to see if any shingles are worn, cracked, buckled, or damaged. Also check your gutters for any shingle granules.

  2. Check your Attic- Look for any light coming through beams or any stains or streaks which could very well be a sign of a leaky roof.

  3. Check the flashing- Check any flashing around skylights, chimneys, and vents to ensure a nice seal

  4. Check any shaded area of your roof- If there is moss growing around the roof where sunlight rarely hits the roof it may be a sign there is trapped moisture.

  5. Check the Paperwork- If its been 20+ years it wouldn't hurt to get a professional to consult with you about any repairs, replacements, or additional layers you may need.

Graylow Contracting is here for you if/when you will need a roof repaired or replaced.

Give us a call at 618-731-3558 to schedule your free estimate with no obligation.

Quality Manufacturing, Quality Installation

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