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The Full Story

Graylow; Behind the Scenes

Graylow Contracting is a family owned company, owned by Dillan Webster and Morgann Burkett. It is named after our children, Grayer and Willow. 

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Our mission is to serve our community, renovating the present and building the future. 


Our vision is to expand our company into the bordering states, sharing our knowledge and capabilities with other communities. 


Dillan has worked in the construction sector for 7 years. He ran two exterior restoration companies while living in Pennsylvania. Dillan has worked in many trades, including the oil field, pipeline and as a boilermaker. Each job gave him knowledge and experiences that he has implemented into this company. His dream was to own his own company and work for himself. He was able to accomplish this at a young age and is building a great company for his family.

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Morgann Burkett obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She is educated in the business sector and is actively working in the field to gain more knowledge and skills. 

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Graylow Contracting, PLLC. is licensed, insured and bonded to the state of IL. Graylow is also a licensed roofing company for the state of Missouri. The owners are Internachi certified, as well as being a preferred contractor for Owen's Corning.

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